Saturday, December 27, 2008

UFC 92: Eartha Kitt Lives!!

Actually, no, she is still dead, but Commissioner Dana White feels bad about it. I have to be honest with you, I am more excited about this card than I was about Christmas. Not the idea of Christmas in general, but the specific details of this Christmas, which turned out being pretty fun, thank you very much. This card is rad, and next week's K-1 is rad and you should be ashamed for not thinking so. Shame!!

Hardonk vs. Wessel: Same old story. Hardonk is supposed to be a jiu-jitsu purple belt, but, still, take-downs result in a Hardonk loss. His leg-kicks, appropriately hyped by Rogan, result in a Hardonk win. I see Hardonk destroying Wessel's legs and winning by being a legit, heavy-weight striker in the 2nd.

Evensen vs. Barry: Barry by Hoost powder rubbing off on him. TKO in the 2nd.

Okami vs. Lister: If you want to sound smart, talk about how Okami's anti-grappling and clinch work will win the fight slowly and deliberately. If you wan to be me, wait for the inevitable Lister submission. Okami will probably win as Rogan goes on about his strange body shape which is know medically as "being Japanese." But I am calling an upset of Lister by sub in the 2nd.

Chonan vs. Blackburn: His easily pronounceable name terribly mangled, the unconventional Chonan wins by something interesting in the 3rd.

Hamill vs. Andy: I am still manning the handbrakes on the Hamill bandwagon. Hamill gave up sometime before his fight with Franklin. This time he reverts to form and mauls Andy in the dirty boxing department. Hamill by TKO in the 2nd.

Kongo vs. Al Turk: I normally back Kongo, but this is my upset special. It is evident that Kongo has very little in the ground department. Al Turk is a little unknown, coming from Cage Rage. I think Al Turk takes him down and works him over. TKO 2nd.

Jackson vs. Silva: Well here it is. Pride revival. Pride lives almost as much as Eartha Kitt. If you don't know, these guys have fought twice in the past, resulting in two of the most notorious knockouts of all time. Both for Silva. Both of these guys are infamous headcases. How they fight is determined largely by how they feel. Silva at this point, is the more known commodity. There are technical aspects to these fights, but I think these are secondary to where they are as humans. Who knows what is up with Jackson. He could be on fire. I think Silva comes in and closes the distance and bullies Jackson. People talk about how there are no kicks on the head on the ground. But there are also elbows. Silva hurts Jackson. TKO in the 2nd.

Dollaway vs. Massenzio: This fight is on the main card? Massenzio by no one caring in the 2nd.

Griffin vs. Evans: A really good fight. I am sold on Evans, but I am picking Griffin. Evans has the speed, power and wrestling advantage. Griffin has size, submission and stamina going for him. Griffin doesn't just have size by a little, he will probably be 20-30 pounds heavier than Evans and much taller. Evans has good takedowns, but the aren't quick takedowns from the clench, they are ponderous, grueling takedowns that wear him down. Griffin doesn't have real striking power, but he is very solid technically and defensively. Evans can win on one punch or kick, but Griffin is very good and not taking that one punch or kick. Also, to what end will Evans takedowns be, when I am not sure he can effectively ground and pound Griffin? I like both fighters and think this will be a great fight. Griffin by decision.

Noguiera vs. Mir: In what department is Mir better than Nogueira? Some people say raw strength, but is that actual? Noguiera is a legend in the sport. He has fought and beaten all of the big names in the sport-his face shows it-only losing to Fedor by decision. He is a part of the sports history and he is younger than me. Scary. Noguiera is a top level boxer and probably the best top-position BJJ guy in the sport. His transitions are perfect and he is also great off of his back. What is Mir better at? Kicks? Ok. Great. I like Mir ok. I loved him leg-locking Brock, but do you really see that happening against Nog. I don't. Nog by top position TKO in the 3rd.

There it is. Put it in your stocking. If you want the K-1 picks early, Arash, give me a call.

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