Thursday, December 18, 2008

Victim or Drunkard? Part III: Battle of Neyagawa

So I went to the BOE. They were completely nice about the whole thing. They said they were just worried about me and hoped I had gotten better. I said I was sorry for the confusion. The head of the division also said that my principal and vice-principal had both called him to say that they were sure that I wasn't in trouble with the police, it must have been a misunderstanding and they spoke highly of me. I am grateful for that.

My company.... didn't handle things poorly. I am not angry at them. Their initial reaction, assuming that I was guilty of something and lying about it, was stereotypical, but I give them credit for believing me once I explained myself. It occur ed to me yesterday that I have far more experience in the school system, even in the board of ed. than anybody who supervises me. I think they don't really know how things work and see themselves as adversaries to the education system. They are just foreigner wranglers. I hate that dynamic.

I have also forgot to mention how much I love the Japanese insurance system. Even though I haven't paid in recent memory, I went to the emergency room, was treated and given medicine all for the fee of.......................wait for it......................Americans, wait for it.........................13$. A trip to the emergency room!! Any hospital I want, without referrals or hassle. Suck on it America. Get with the program.


knox-villan said...

I am glad you are feeling better Wes! I joined the Curling team at Bowling Green and at my first practice...karate chopped my finger when I forgot I had my slider on. I went to the hospital after I realized my middle finger was pointing a different direction. My bill (X-rays, two doctors wondering why my finger was three times the normal size) was $114.00...American non-existent money. I think I saw bats fly out of my wallet this morning.

Mom said...

I am so glad to hear a goood ending to this!

Kirby Scroggins said...

Treat yourself. Go out and buy a fifty piece chicken nugget bucket, it's gameday!

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