Sunday, December 14, 2008

Victim or Drunkard?

I can tell you two versions of the same story. The story remains the same, but if I shift the filter on it slightly what it tells you are two completely different things.

In story one, I woke up in a police station with a terrible taste in my mouth and a coating of vomit on my shoes and in splotches on my clothes. Replacing a headache in the back of my mind is a memory of being a hopeless public drunk in a train station until I was kicked out on to the street where I passed out and was taken in by the cops. I threw up in the police toilet and stared at myself in the mirror wondering what I had done. I signed for my property and caught a train home, periodically throwing up in stairwells and all over my hands. I made it home and passed out in my room failing to make it to Tokyo. Shameful.

In story two, I managed to get food poisoning at the school end of the year party. Trying to make it home, I found that I couldn't ride the train without puking. Not wanting to be a public menace, I got off the train. I sat down in the station and couldn't stop throwing up. I got weak and dizzy. Appearing as another drunk, the station closing around me, I was told to leave. I collapsed on the street and was assisted by the cops who allowed me to sleep on their couch. When I woke up, throwing up bile with out any trace of food left in it, I looked in the mirror and noticed that my face was swollen, especially around my eyes. I struggled to make it home and kept getting waves of nausea. I drug myself to the emergency room, was diagnosed with food poisoning and given medicine, which helped greatly, but left me feeling that all of the liquids had been sucked from my body.

The moral of this story, well not really a moral, the nugget of information in this story which might be helpful, is that food poisoning and being helplessly drunk are very similar to look at but feel subtly different to the sufferer. It was terrible.

Compounding all of this, in their concern for me, while I was asleep, the police found my ID and called the board of education. The board of education was upset and called my company. My company contacted me under the impression that I had been picked up by the police. I have to talk to them again tomorrow, but the hospital says they will write up an explanation on Monday.

This meant that I couldn't make it to Tokyo where my two friends where fighting for the Shooto rookie championships. They both won and I couldn't be there. If I had just been drunk, I would feel worse than I do about it. This weekend has truly sucked. Thinking back on it, it was actually kind of scary.

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