Saturday, May 19, 2007

because it's friday, you ain't got a job and you ain't got shit to do

I work ten hour Friday's. In the mornings a little boy named Ryo, who's mother is Chinese and a little girl named Miho who's mother is Filipino, both come to the school. They ended up just hanging out with me while all of the other kids sat around the table making origami. I don't know if the other kids realize that they are half-Japanese, or if they realize it themselves, but they seem more comfortable around me and a little uneasy with everyone else. Miho gets so nervous and you can see her beginning to cry if you don't make sure she is occupied with something. Ryo just likes to jump on my back. My job should be fun.. It is not. There is nothing in Seta, in stark contrast to Kyoto and I ended up eating lunch at McDonald's, which I would never come near in America. For some reason most restaurants are not open between 2 and 4, which is my lunch break. I mentioned this to a girl I work with who responded, "People eat lunch around 12." No, I am an American. I eat lunch whenever I fucking feel like it. Speaking of which I woke up at 4am and now the sun is coming up. Great. Going to teach the kids how to make gumbo today. Why do I hate my job? Fell asleep watching Beyond Belief. Pretty decent. Forgot my bike keys so I took the Keihan to Shichijo and walked to Kyoto Eki. Keihan still rules after all of these years with it's plush green interior. If you come to Kansai, take the Keihan. Now I am tenously
awake and have to get up in two hours. The sun is coming up and I know that my Saturday will suck because I will roam it like a zombie. Why won't somebody just give me a job writing. I read today and one guy just had a page of "hottest sports movie girlfriends." Jesus, like I couldn't do that all day? Does Woody Harrelson Nailing Lucy Liu in a parking lot count as 'girlfriend'? Does 'Play it to the Bone' count as a sports movie? Give me a job!

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