Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Even though I haven't thought about her in a while, reading Cindy Sheehan's retirement letter this week was absolutely heartbreaking. What more did anybody want from her? In a time when everybody is a PR polished, used car salesman, she was raw and didn't always put things the way everyone would like her to. Who cares? What would you do if your child was killed for someone else's ego. It is sick that people would call her names and tear her down. Democracy is supposed to be messy and hard and we only want it smooth and easy. The fact that someone like Cindy Sheehan would have to worry about her finances and the names she has been called after what she has tried to do for our country is shameful. Does she present things the way I would want someone to? Not always, but what does it matter. If everyone could care and give as much as she has. Sad. I hope she realizes what she has done someday. Power is a monster and it will beat you down.

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