Wednesday, May 16, 2007

moral of the story

Hikari Fiber isn't coming. They will tell you they are coming. You can beg them to come. They aren't. You will have to yell and scream and stamp your feet and wait around on your only day off while they go to the wrong apartment and tell you that it isn't your fault but it will take another month. I hoped to quickly resume posting. I had many profound and insightful things to say about this wonderous city. I had articles saved up and topics to write about. I was going to tell you about the night I climbed through an old graveyard and snuck behind an old temple to look down on the city at sleep. I was going to talk about how my rented bike is a cumbersome death-trap while my loyal Trek, trapped on Chad's roof in Miyazaki, is slick, liquid, justice. I could have talked about new people and given advice on moving here. Now all I have to say is, "Don't believe Hikari Fiber, and never, ever, under any circumstances, sign a contract with Friend's International Pre-School." I doubt anyone looks at this anymore but it is imporant to get writing again so..with a whimper........bang

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