Wednesday, May 16, 2007

didn't mean to

post only youtube links...but this is awesome

edit: investigated further. viewed this week's episode of Panorama from the BBC. John Sweeney, seen yelling in this video, was reporting on The Church of Scientology, who are fucking insane. He should have done more than screamed at them. He should have beaten Anne Archer's vile discharge back into her dusty, disused ova. I realize no one reads this and so it doesn't matter but; fuck Scientology. Please come follow me around and tell me how angry you are. Please!!! The is why there is no Northwest Florida Broadcasting Corporation. "Hey, remember those Scientologist guys who were following us around?" "You mean the ones what got a flare shot through their windshield and beat with a length of hose?" "Yup. Too bad we can never, ever, air that episode...ever"
Jesus, their own defense of their ridiculous, aviator sunglass infected, self-fellating, carnival circus tent game of multi-million dollar soggy biscuit looked more like the character witnesses from Corey Haim's bail hearing. Oh really? Julliette Lewis says it's ok? Great then. Should we check with Martha Plimpton just to be safe.
Again, Scientology, you are a two-bit circus cult for rich assholes who believe that self-help and career advancement are the same thing. Really? You help people? Well, sickle cell anemia also prevents malaria, but nobody really wants the shit now do they? Here's an idea: sell your million dollar centers, quit using celebrities for back-up and go live real lives that don't require you to belittle and intimidate other people because they might find out the secret that you have been trying so hard to hide from yourself, namely that you are insane!
Scientologists, I beg you to follow me around(not that I have any relevance to any situation outside of playing catch with pre-schoolers and running non-profit companies into the ground.) Maybe your child's precious first words can be, "Daddy, why do you walk with a limp?"

attempting to silence the voices in my head.