Thursday, May 24, 2007


Last night I went to see Tenniscoats at Urban Guild down on Kiyamachi. I was a little hesitant to walk back through the scene of my earlier encounter.... There was nothing wrong with Tenniscoats, a lot that was very good in fact. It is just very hard for me to watch music when I am not playing it. I am so bad at being a fan of anything, which would be a good trait if I ever got to actually do something. I recommend listening to Tenniscoats. They were a lot like American Football without the kick-ass drumming. It is just that I come away feeling that it is the kind of music that I can play in my sleep but... well. There is no try I guess. Koji's band, also played, but I was late. It is nice, however, to live in a town where I can walk down the street and see live music. Urban Guild is quite a nice set up. It is like watching music in a cave with good beer and wooden tables. At some point I want to see a band at Urban Guild who looks like they posses an insatiable need to play music. I want to witness someone yell and scream and talk between songs instead of whispering, "I am really embarrassed." And then fiddiling with their capo before playing the first chord. Oh well. I am a little pentecostal when it comes to music. Just grab the fucker by the throat and play it like it is killing you. Not that kind of scene I guess.

I meant to stay up until 3:45 and watch the UEFA finals at Hub but I fell asleep. Only so much excitement I can take.

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