Monday, May 28, 2007


it is odd. i have no sympathy for any animal poachers and feel that we should ere in the extreme towards preventing species extinction. yet when i read this, i think "so?" i know that is ridiculous. i want to fight people over their stance on whaling. i would have no problem putting all animal exploiting businesses out of service immediately. but i am a surfer, and as irrational and statistically improbable it is; i am terrified of sharks. i always have been. i am sure that their disappearance would cause great unseen faults to open in our ecosystem. i am sure that something wonderful will have been lost. if they were a mollusk or a reptile i would argue that you have to understand that even the smallest creatures not only have a right to exist, they might play a part in our survival. when it comes to sharks...i just don't care. i know it is my fault. i spend every second i surf- and i love surfing- imagining something tracking me, panicking about something that will never happen. if i were told that all of a sudden there were no more bull or tiger sharks, a secret cheer would go up in my heart. i would know that that cheer represented an attitude that i find intolerable in others, but my fear is primeval, not rational. fuck a bunch of sharks.


Anonymous said...

when my parents and i would go out on the boat i would strip to my unders and swim out as far as i could. by myself. at night. i never even thought about sharks. then i met you. you fucked it all up.

i found this picture of the harbor that i was going to post on here and be all like "see what you let happen when you left?" but it it so awful i knew you would actually cry a little. shit is fucked yo.

wwc said...

so what you are saying, essentially, is 'thank you for saving me from that shark attack that i never saw coming.' but you could conclude many sentences with 'then i met you. you fucked it all up.'

yes..i try not to think of the harbor or anything...see..yet another thing they will take...they are coming for everything.

Anonymous said...

oh stop, you were always nice to me.

the picture shows hundreds of boats on crab island and you can see that monstrosity they are building at the foot of the destin bridge (if you don't know what i'm talking about forget what you just read) and on the bottom it says "another day in paradise." i pictured you treading through the water, punching people on top of their heads frankenstein-style. it made me lol.

attempting to silence the voices in my head.