Thursday, August 14, 2008

Das Olympics

A few notes from this olympiad:

First: Teddy Atlas remains the best commentator in all of sports. He gives good solid information. He doesn't dwell on useless trivia. When he keeps repeating a point it is because it is important. He doesn't buy into hype and he is never afraid to be critical. It is unfortunate that other sports don't have the benefit of his specific genius. Too bad most people aren't into boxing.

Second: I hate the opening ceremonies, but I managed to sit through all four hours of this years. The pagentry was a bit much but I was touched by the athletes entry. I think living in an international setting for so long makes it all seem closer. I cheer for Japan because I recognize the faces. I cheer for Ghana because Kumar used to live there. I cheer for New Zealand for all the Kiwis in my life. I feel ambivilant about Australia for all the Aussies in my life.

Third: Judo is available on the interenet, but I haven't been watching. I want it live on TV. Soccer all day everyday is great. Synchronized diving is ridiculous.

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