Saturday, August 30, 2008


I have been a hip-hop fan since the first time I saw Run-DMC in 3rd grade. I fell in and out of contact but have been pretty solid with it since Chuck D told me to not believe the hype. For the most part, I haven't. Sometimes I intentionally avoid albums that are considered hip-hop milestones the way I avoid Good Will Hunting. Of all the places to get my come-uppance, who would have thought it would be Natsuki's glove compartment. I got tired of Jack Johnson, whom I tolerate, but who I have decided occupies the rung between Don Henley and Jimmy Buffet on the musical ladder, so I looked for something else. There, with a photocopied cover and a pen drawing on a burned CD lay Illmatic. I have never been against Nas, as much as I have remained indifferent about everything except doing his wife. Here is the deal, believe the hype. Illmatic is a sick, sick album. It is very good and I say that without reservation. I won't go in depth about what makes it great, I'll just say that it comes right on the end of old, NY rap and has the spare production style that I didn't know that I missed. Solid album.

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