Sunday, August 24, 2008

Sex and the Boring Boring Movie

It happened. I was in an actual movie theater watching Sex and the City. It has happened to boyfriends all over the world. As TV shows that boyfriends are made to watch, I remember it as being a little better than Friends so it had that going for it. I understand that this movie is not designed for me it is not targeted at me it doesn't care how I feel about it. One thing I was surprised about was how poorly made it seemed. The lighting was rotten. The cinematography was uninspired. There might be something to the whole TV stars being less than movie stars. Kim Catrall was the only one who looked like a movie star on the big screen. Any movie where you think "Man, I hope Mario Cantone can save this thing." Has a major problem.

I knew the movie would be shallow and self-centered but it was beyond. It was beyond anything understandable. There was an old man sitting by himself in the front row. I asked, "What is this old man doing here? Did he here 'sex' in the title and show up?" He rolled around in his row. Put his feet up on the seats in front of him. Laughed too hard it anything resembling a joke. Yelled out whatever words he knew in English and got up and danced in the aisles during songs. He was the most exciting thing in the movie.

I don't think any of you are going to see it anyway. Good.


Edo said...

This was in Miyazaki I take it?
Was the old guy Yoda? Who used to hang out at 505???

Anonymous said...

I was dragged to see this. I remember it being materialistic beyond my deeply cynical expectations.

wwc said...

Dude, if it had been Yoda, we woud have been dancing together in nostalgic bliss.

The Morholt said...

And Now for something completely different, submitted for your consideration:

The Morholt said...

woops, add .html/gay_students.html
to that

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