Friday, August 29, 2008

It's Time for Them to Own Their Failure

Line of the campaign so far. Was there any flaw in Obama's speech? Aside from the fact that his syntax implied the Biden takes home Amtrak drivers. An insanely good speech. He was absolutely right in attacking McCain and challenging him on foreign policy judgement. The imagery of his grandfather holding him on his shoulders waving a flag and saying "Isn't it amazing what Americans can do." Was as touching as it was painful. Great, great speech.


summer said...

i was not feeling the brooks & dunn at the end, although i understand why they picked something like that. as they said on the radio this morning, obama is smoother than billy dee in a suede suit on roller skates.

barney smith is the real supertsar though.

Mom said...

I was thrilled. I went to Harbor Docks to watch with the group and there must have been at least 80 people there. That's phenomenal for here. Every event I go to, it seems the crowd increases. As I said to you, Wes, in my e-mail, I thought he knocked it out of the park. I was so proud. I'm moving in with you if we don't win this one.

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