Thursday, August 14, 2008

Same Old Garbage

How long can we look back on another U.S. Men's Soccer result and talk about as a small improvement and pretend that failure is actually a positive? I think that ended for me this morning when we (we?) were eliminated by Nigeria. The U.S. plays like I live; they try really hard and fuck up continuously. I love U.S. soccer. I love them more than I love the Braves or Alabama. I love them enough to wake up whenevr they play and jump around on my couch regardless of how I feel. But, at some point, giving it their all and coming up short can't just be a starting point for reflection, it has to be a cold dissapointment. I think it is important for America to be a world football power. In the game against the Netherlands, the U.S. looked every bit the part. Against Nigeria they were a second-rate replay of the hearbreaking defeat to Ghana in the last World Cup.
I am inconsolable.


Edo said...

I sincerely hope that the younger players on the squad learn from this experience. I'm looking at anyone who got a yellowcard, or anyone who jumped at inopportune moments. Or clunked a header off of the crossbar in lost time. Or anyone who stuck out an elbow right in front of the ref, for that matter.

Couldn't rely on Japan to help us through either...

wwc said...

Edo, back in the game. You mean a yellow card for being a bitch. Feilhaber, you FEILed to impress me. Haha ha ha.

Edo said...

Hellz yeah I am. For the Nigeria game I used matchtracker-started it up just a few minutes after the game started, and low and behold, we already were down to 10 men.
"Well, this isn't going to end well",
I thought to myself.

And it didn't.

So in other crazy news, apparently lightning hit Yokoso and put a big hole in their roof. The night there was going to be a going away party for Chad there. Feel free to speculate as to what higher powers were trying to tell us with that.

wwc said...

I heard. Dangerous things happen when you upset the balance.

attempting to silence the voices in my head.