Wednesday, August 27, 2008

These People are Nuts

I wager these are Republican set-ups. But they are still insane.

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The Morholt said...

Yes, crazy, but definitely Republican plants. People seem reluctant to say that anyone who would vote for McCain out of spite, in obvious spite of their own best interests, are spiteful, short-sighted, anti-democratic, and very likely racist. I know we aren't supposed to jump to conclusions about democrat women (and we're not talking about that many, I suspect) being racist if they prefer a pro-life, pro-war, soak the poor and reward the rich republican to a US Senator who supports every plank in the Democratic platform, but can anyone give me another explanation that isn't sexist? (By which i mean, "Women do unreasonable, self-defeating things out of spite, because they are women. They can't think rationally or rise above their personal feelings because they are women."

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