Saturday, August 30, 2008

What a Strange, Strange Pick

Does anything carry the stink of desperation more than McCain's VP pick? It is one thing to try and break new ground and think outside the box. It is another thing scramble around and try to make news and pick up the scraps that Obama leaves behind. It is kind of like hearing Evan Tanner talk about digging for quarters in his truck to buy a can of tuna less than a month after having a professional fight. Really? Big oil plus creationsim in schools. No man-made global warming plus NRA. Great. Great choice there McCain. You're going' places.


The Morholt said...

Is she his James Stockdale, or his Dan Quayle? Embarrassing or merely irrelevant? Let's hope she's his Harriet Meiers: so obviously embarrassingly underqualified that she becomes a joke.

Mom said...

I hope he does not think he can equate her with Hillary. Probably just good old McCain thinking, "A woman is a woman."

wwc said...

I think the Harriet Meiers analogy is spot on. "Sure. That'll work. Just shove it on in there. Fuck it. Who'll notice."

attempting to silence the voices in my head.