Wednesday, September 17, 2008

This Ain't No Picnic

I have had a lot of political posts I have been meaning to make but every time I wait, the cycle completely changes. I was going to talk about all of the petty issues going on then the economy done up and died. Isn't it strange how almost every American I know, especially me, is struggling with debt that they came by pretty honestly and corporate barons, who have been running mad since the '80s and we have to rally to save them. The argument that they are so big so we have to bail them out so they don't take out the rest of our society might carry some weight, then might it be worth the debate the we should reconsider that equation. And why, pray tell, is it that socialism is terrible when it is about profit but necessary when it has to do with risk.

1st step: Don't allow companies to make loans that they are going to immediately pass up the chain and not back up themselves, they will make bad loans.

2nd step: Move on from there. We regulate because some things need regulation. We don't drive our cars with the gas peddle all of the way down. We need to get past believing that CEOs are like the pilots in Dune who drink spice and bend space. They aren't special. They will take things as far as they can. McCain surrogate Carly Fiorina got $21 million when she got fired from Hewlett Packard as well as $21 million in stocks. Is that acceptable? The she says the economy is working. Fuck yeah it is...for her. If I could get $42 million to get fired, school would be an interesting place tomorrow.

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