Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Other Political Shit...

...that's got me worked up. This week on Real Time, Bill Maher actually called out John Fund on the most infuriating of conservative tactics: Playing dumb for the rubes. I think this is the clip. For some reason Youtube is being odd.

Here is George Will playing it up to. I have long contended that George Will has gone a long way by pretending to be smart. Now he is trying to get by being dumb.

If you haven't been following, the right is trying to claim that Sarah Palin should be forgiven for not understanding what "The Bush Doctrine" might or might not be, because, they, themselves have no idea what it is. This claim is what is known, in the business, as complete bullshit. If you can't understand the most radical departure in U.S. foreign policy in recent memory, then get the fuck off TV.

Candidate McCain picked up the ball and ran with it. This week, after the better part of the year declaring that "The fundamentals of the economy are sound." He repeated this up until yesterday morning. When it was realized that this was a retarded statement, McCain responded, "I meant the workers." He then went on to chastise Democrats for ridiculing American workers for not being sound. Give me an f'ing break. You fuck up a war and no one can say shit because they don't want to talk bad about the troops. You fuck up an economy and everyone who points it out is ridiculing workers. Caucasian please.

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