Sunday, October 5, 2008

Elite XC "Meat!"

(I don't think this picture is sexist, because I actually find Gina Carano attractive in a completely respectful way. If she was a dude fighter showing that he could make weight and a girl said he was hot, I would accept that. Accept this.)

It is about half past drunk 30 here in the Kyoto branch of the Cheek household. Just thought I would give you some picks for Elite XC tomorrow celebrating that food stuff known as meat.

Rua vs. Radach: The logical choice is Radach by methodical pounding. I say Rua by surprise sub in the 2nd.

Carano vs. Kobald: Believe this hype, Gina Carano is actually hawt. She is also a good fighter. She should be fighting Mrs. Cyborg who is on the undercard. But she isn't. She wins by well roundedness in the 3rd.

Arlovski vs. Nelson: Holy shit! A good fight showed up on this card. Roy Nelson is a fat man who can f'ing fight. Arlovski, while not being fat, is a giant. Arlovski is one of my favorite fighters ever. I think his stand-up is unstoppable and his ground work is solid. I see Arlovski by heel hook in the 2nd.

Daley vs. Shields: What will actually happen is that Shields will take down Daley and execute perfect top control for the win. What I am telling you is that Semtex, one of the greatest nicknames in sports, is going to KTFO Sheilds in the 1st. Happy no retirement Daley.

Feguson vs. Shamrock: And for 2 extra dollars you can watch two goats fucking. Nobody cares. Nobody cares. In lieu of a good fighter, they have exhumed someone who might have been a good fighter in an era when everyone sucked. Congrats. Shamrock, if his ass got miracled, dives for the heel hook and ruins Kimbo's career. Back in reality Kimbo destroys his epic glass chin in the 1st. This doesn't mean Kimbo can fight. It means that he is almost as good as everyone else who has knocked Shammy out. Everyone.


MacArthur Genius Grant Recipient, Mask said...

Imagine that. Kimbo was exposed as maybe not being the future of MMA.

wwc said...

Who woulda thunk it?

attempting to silence the voices in my head.