Thursday, October 23, 2008


Maybe it comes from living in another country, or maybe it is just getting older and being in contact with a wider variety of people, but you start to become conscious of the fact that how you grew up and how everyone else grew up might be a little different. This week MMA Sunday School, after reading a story I submitted, asked the question, "Have you ever had to turn to an animal and said, 'Now go on, get!'" And I thought, "Of course I have." It was just a question of how many times I had said it. Yourselves?


The Morholt said...

can you link the program so we can find it?
You mean there are people who haven't said that to an animal?

Kirby Scroggins said...

I say it to 25 little animals at end of every school day. I also fight 15 people one at a time

attempting to silence the voices in my head.