Friday, October 10, 2008

Sometimes He Gets On My Nerves...

...But Eric Alterman is exactly right about the debates.

Still, one of my favorite moments in television was the town hall gone to fiasco craziness put on by the Clinton administration at Ohio State starring a befuddled Madeline Albright. She was besot with the townieness of it all. The whole thing was clearly, clearly off the script. I like that format. I would like to see the candidates deal with a wrestling sea-beast of undetermined origins. I want it to get, if not Springer-tastic, that Geraldo-esque. Even if it was to be more civilized, I would like it to be raw and for stupid questions and intelligent questions to rough up the smooth patches of the agreed common knowledge. What if someone asked, "Sen. McCain, did you ever feel that you deserved to be in prison?" Ouch! I will try and be "bi-partisan." "Sen. Obama, did you join your church as a way to get a foothold in the Chicago political community? Do you feel that has paid off in the long run?" What are questions if they ain't uncomfortable.

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