Sunday, October 19, 2008


This is crazy because it is true. Bananas have been very hard to find for the last few weeks. I thought it was some seasonal thing until Caitlin informed me of this. I won't go on again about what absolute bullshit people are willing to believe about nutrition and health. Here is how one actually gets in shape. But no one can do that. It is too hard. We should just eat bananas.


WDD said...

You are right about health- that's the same workout my Mom used to do down at the gym. No silly banana diets for her.
And I suspect that the people who do banana diets are not concerned about being fit (or even fighting each other in staged matches to prove who has the biggest willy) but rather to be skinny, which isn't healthy at all. My mom by the way had a huge willy: 6'4" 300#

Edo said...

I actually saw that program they are talking about-the person who lost 26 pounds was....large. Opera singer large. Because she' opera singer, actually. Anyway, yeah, that's total bullshit-but just wait a month or two and the fad will be over, just like everything else (I'm looking at you, Billy's Bootcamp)

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