Tuesday, October 14, 2008

My Students

I've been trying to think about my students lives lately. Not like I haven't before, just been marinating on it.

One of my kids came home from school in the 6th grade and found his dad had hung himself in the closet. They still live in the same apartment. It is next to the school. His elementary school teachers talk about how big and kind and shy his father was.

One of my 1st years' parents came to sports day. "What did they look like?" I asked another teacher. "Like drug addicts, because they are."

I have a turbulent relationship with one 3rd year. He likes me now. His mom is on drugs and his dad just got out of jail. "I remember one Christmas we came out of our room and our apartment was full of presents. He always seemed weak to me, but I haven't seen him in a while."

An angry mother showed up the other day. She was angry because we had asked her to get her sons keitai that we hand taken away. He is big and uncomfortable and really sweet. His mom won't make him a lunch half the time, and won't give him money for one. His sister is terrible and nasty and can't speak to anyone really. The mom threw open the door and screamed at everyone, saying she was tired, why did we have to bother her. She makes food in a stall at fairs.

One of the worst kids in school's father lost both of his legs in an accident over summer break. He can't work now. Now the kid has to work somewhere, even though that is illegal. At least that is what he said happened.

"Her parents are so young and beautiful, but they never loved her as a child. They just gave her stuff and acted like she was a thing."

Those are just some of the stories we here every day. It's a dirty, dirty job.

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