Sunday, October 12, 2008

Race Baiting. Just Say It.

This article nailed it. One thing I'm worried about is the bi-product of all of this hate. McCain is using it to try and desperately win an election, but where does it go from here? I think for a lot of these people this is the start of the next 8 years which could look much like the absurd years of the Clinton presidency where any bullshit was there to be believed and the point of the opposition was to make sure that positive change would not occur. I think that the Right in America is steeling itself for the next 8 years. They are not ready to accept what is happening.

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Y'all Nasty!! said...

On Real Time with Bill Mahr, Dana Gould said he did not feel comfortable with Obama's lead and he said he would not feel comfortable until Barack's third year as president. This was part of a conversation where some good points were made about how in "safe" states like California it was still necessary to vote in order to give Obama a mandate and it was also suggested that the election needs to be made "unstealable" by everyone voting even if they feel like the polls are right. I agree I do not feel comfortable with Barack's lead and am working on what few people I can to win there votes.

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