Sunday, June 1, 2008

I Address Politics (briefly)

I have been telling anyone who asked for over a month that I wasn't debating who was going to win between Obama and Clinton because Obama had already won. Anyone who can do math knows that he won months ago. If you are a person who insists that Hillary is winning the popular vote than you are playing a semantic game that involves counting some things and not counting others and going back in time and acting like the goal of the primary process is to win the popular vote.
To then pretend like everyone has it in for you because they are not letting you win even though you are losing is beyond bad form. There are very good reasons that Michigan and Florida aren't being counted. If Sen. Clinton had felt strongly that they should have been counted then she should have said that at the time and not agreed beforehand. It is sad that the Clinton's are ruining their reputation over this. I hope this is forgotten and I can go back to liking them soon.
As for now they need to get the F out of the way. Pulling a Karl Rove and busing in fake supporters to yell at the meetings this weekend (pictured above) is ridiculous.

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David said...

I feel exactly the same way; what a dreadful way to wreck one's own career; to exhibit the ambition of Lucifer and try to hold the Democratic party and the country hostage to your own bad form and pettiness. There were actually Hillary supporters chanting McCain's name as Obama was acknowledging his inevitable victory the other night. If the American electorate can't be bigger and smarter than that, they deserve the contempt that the world is heaping on them now and the complete disaster they will continue and even accelerate with another republican administration.

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