Monday, June 2, 2008

Random Train of Thought

Today I was listening to MMA Sunday School, a radio show on Sherdog that always makes me think what it would be like if they gave Chad Watson and I a radio show, got us a little tipsy and had us talk about things we aren't interested in. It is a strangely enjoyable show about nothing. In any case, they brought up someone who I hadn't thought of in years and forgotten how much I used to love: Super Dave Osborne.

Here are two of his bits:

In the first one he meets Mr. T.

I won't tell you the money line from this one, but I am sure you will figure it out shortly.

Here he covers 9 to 5. You can't lose with that.

I think I like Super Dave for the same reason I like Homie the Clown. Where Homie was a clown that refused to act the fool, Super Dave was the boring stuntman who was unfailingly disappointed. A good bit really. I also enjoy that the main gag in the sketches weren't really the funny part. The funniest part was usually completely deadpan and not pointed out with flashing arrows. His show also did a good job of pointing out the infantile, self congratulatory nature of sports programming.


Ham Dippin...Salty said...

The radio shows perfect both the one mentioned that is already on the air and the one that will soon be on Air America affliates everywhere. Any show that evokes Super Dave Osborne is worth checking out. The actor has a good minor character now on Curb Your Enthusiasm.

wwc said...

Did you actually listen to the show? I have no doubt that you, if anyone,would. I felt that this weeks was quite quality. Very Ausin Texas and right in my strike zone. The only problem being that I actuall looked up harlequin babies and no one ever should. There were pictures.

Ham Dippin...Salty said...

Ranch dressing is the new ketchup. Like wrestling a goose. A smoke ring so good it will make you slap your grandma. They ramble, they are all over the place, they fill 2 hours, and they occasionally talk about MMA.

wwc said...

I am glad you noticed the wrestling a goose and the smoke ring that will make you slap your grandma. Don't forget Steve's Rib Shack in Amarillo.

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