Sunday, June 1, 2008

Japan Bothers Me

Sometimes. One thing that really makes me nuts is how one thing that gets picked up on TV is relayed instantly into everyone in the country's brain. Until a few months ago most people in Japan seemed to have many various opinions about whaling. Then the forces congealed. I have heard the exact same inane argument about 763 times in the last few months. It goes something like this: In Japan we are Buddhist so we can't understand killing any animals. Of course, no we eat animals, but as we come from a past when all there was to eat was whales, we can't understand how that is worse than eating a cow. Westerners eats cows and just take the oil from whales. We can't understand that.

This argument did not exist until a little while ago. I don't even have to watch TV to know that that is where it is coming from because I hear it everywhere.

The principal laid it on me during lunch on Friday. I told him that what makes other countries nuts is that every time Japan wants to do something outside the world community they do a huge song and dance about how no one can understand Japanese culture. Yeah sure. Most Japanese people don't understand Japanese culture. But they do understand crybaby excuses. That is all this is.

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