Monday, August 20, 2007

Back From Tanegashima

I spent the week surfing on Tanegashima, an island in the Pacific just south of Kagoshima. I have way to much to tell in one post so will try to break it up and post some pictures soon as well. Several points: I have rad friends. Cameron compells people to spend way too much money. We have the power to make cool shit happen wherever we go. People who live normal lives are ridiculous. I am poor again. I was in the hospital this morning. Natsuki is rad. You can barbecue every day for really cheap. Never show Chappelle's show to British people, it's not that they won't find it funny, it will just be for all of the wrong reasons. I am brown. Snorkeling is something you should get excited about. Seasnakes are strangely hypnotic. Natsuki is way beyond rad. Tomoko, who runs Narai, is the nicest lady on earth. I will stop trying to explain surfing to people who don't do it. British people consume way too much beer and tea and will somehow convice you should play along. Be careful when you just leave Itunes running and do something else, because things get weird. I have a big surf beard like Pat Curren. Na-Tsu-Ki! Stay at Narai. Snorkle at Urata. Surf Tenjikan. The Toppy can be terrifying.


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you are back safely. I finally figured out that's where you were. Phone working now?


The Morholt said...

Hey, I´ll try to take that advice about making everything interesting. The ipod thing might be true, but its all a question of rhythm. For example, I was brushing my dog to my ipod the other day and the changing rhythms made her super happy.

attempting to silence the voices in my head.