Monday, August 6, 2007

Finally Used the Hammock/Partied with the Nemesis

We went surfing all day yesterday. Nothing has changed at Kisaki except for the faces. It is a new group hanging around the tables and they have looks of pride on their faces like they discovered the beach. Whatever. Miles was still there. The nemesis, deciding he is now a surfer, poses as king of the parking lot. Chris Miyoko showed up and I surfed with Alex Moss for the first time. That was rad. It was Sunday so Kisaki was crowed. I had a lot of really decent waves. As I drifted farther up the beach I got into major asshole territory. There was one Japanese guy-there always seems to be- that paddles from as far away as possible and tried to snake every wave. If he makes it, he will take off on your face, if he doesn't he looks at you like you shiit on his house. I yelled, "Take it then motherfucker." At him at some point, but I am not sure if he cared. I was ahppy to find out that everyone had run into him that day, so I wasn't imagining it. Cam, newly single, wanted to stay at the beach and test his freedom so I busted out the hammock and slept in the woods. It started storming so I pulled my giant Postal Service shipping bag over my head and went back to sleep. The nemesis danced aound the parking lot playing terrible techno music on his van stereo for the better part of the night. I woke up at dawn and found that he had left all his trash and stolen all of our beer. Ass. Alex and I got into the ocean at about 5:30 and the line-up was crowded by 6am. We sufed for two hours and then gave it up do to overcrowding. I have a blister on my thumb from playing a guitar that is out of tune and missing strings. Alex and I worked out that every reggae song is the same so we would play and sing different ones at the same time and you couldn't really tell the difference. I came back to Cam's and slept all day. Didn't go for the evening surf and was called a "poof." I had to remind cam that he was the one sleeping on the futon in the back of his van while I was in for two hours this morning. Nevertheless, I would rather be at the beach. Still broke. A week until payday.

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