Saturday, August 4, 2007

Back on Miyazaki Time

Spent Monday night scattering any usable garbage I had around bridges with a homeless population. I took my washing machine and ran through a bad neighborhood with it, finally dropping it in a housing project courtyard. My apartment was spotless for the final inspection. As I was putting my luggage together in the bicycle room, the boss man cam back in looking troubled. The 31st was apparently garbage inspection day. They had discovered my pile. I had slept on my futon and then thrown it out. They asked if it was mine and I told them no. He kept saying, "But it is in the same bags as your trash." "I know. They are trash bags." I slinked further and further towards the main street and I was off. Homeless and penniless yet again. I rode to Koji's and organized my stuff on his balcony. He told me the typhoon was coming faster then expected so I better catch the ferry that night. I was off. Slept like death in my ferry bunk for 12 hours. Cam picked me up at the port wearing nothing but shorts and blaring, "The Boys are Back in Town." Classic. We met up with Alex and Tomo and James at Kisaki and surfed the pre-typhoon surf for about 3 hours. I went back to James's place and watched the Soprano's, turned around and went back out for another surf at Aoshima. The waves were getting fairly big. 2 meters probably. I was able to catch about every wave I went for all day. Surprising. It got dark while we were still surfing and I caught a massive wave in all the way to the beach.

The next day the typhoon showed up. So did Angela. The three of us stayed in James's (actually Chad's) tiny apartment all day watching movies, eating chips and drinking tea-Angela is from Manchester-. That night we got beer and Damian and Cam stopped by. We drank and played guitar and pretended we were in college. I did a 30 minute version of 'The Aristocrats' involving a small girl holding a rose while being rammed inside the corpse of a gorilla. I think I firghtened people.

The day after the typhoon was strangely rainy and we headed south to surf at Miyaura. The swells were big, somewhat powerfull, and not very rideable.

Last night was my welcome back party. We went to Yamato's new restaurant and drank beer. Lots of beer. Yamato gave me a hug and was very nice. I didn't want to go to Kobi's afterwards but we had to meet some people. I hate that place. I really hate the vibe. I went home feeling bitter and got a flat tire for my effort.

Today is the fireworks. I am not going with Shiho. Of course. At least she mailed to confirm we would not be going. I am going with Cam and Yukiko and that should be just fine.

Miyazaki is Miyazai and it is wonderful. I advise everyone to make friends and keep them. Friends are rad. I think we have talked about Kumar at least 900 times in three days. We all really miss him a lot. It sucks that he won't be there to yell, "Tamaya!" at the fireworks tonight. I will do one for him, but it won't be as charming or well recieved.

I surfed today but the waves were small. I got sun on my back. I need to surf in the morning and get sun on my front. Must get in shape for Tanegashima. I'll try to get it together and post Miyazaki pictures soon. Just letting everyone know I am alive. (If typing this on a 7 year old Gateway computer counts as 'alive'.)


summer said...

your life is funny. you'd have to put a gun to my head to give up a washing machine. i still can't see you surfing. don't they have sharks in japan? are they just very polite?

who is this shiho person? she sounds like a douche. stop talking to her and find someone nice. then have a half-asian baby so i can buy it tiny clothes. thanks!

wwc said...

Yes. My life is strange. That is what I am trying to convey. Yeh, I guess there are less sharks in Japan. The sharks aren't polite, I think they just tell eachother, "Don't go near that f'in place. They will eat you raw while you are still alive. They will look at you swimming and say, 'looks tasty.'"

Sorry to say that 'finding someone nice doesn't seem to be in my repetoire.' I will try and knock somebody up though so that you can go to J.C. Penny's with a purpose.

summer said...

i'm going to assume that you meant to say that it hasn't been in your repertoire since the early 90's. ahem.

wwc said...

The bees are on the what now?

summer said...

they're not on anything.


open your ears bro.

wwc said...

shoulda seen it coming....

attempting to silence the voices in my head.