Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Politics for David

I returned from the island to find that Karl Rove is being put to pasture, or set to stud. I have only seen a small sampling of main stream commentary on the subject but it is clear enough all ready that the guy has gotten a free pass for far to long. The media is composed of people who are just ignorant enough to remain solidly in the gushy embrace of the status quo for the amount of time required to place them in their booster chairs and shove them up to the table. The group who will willingly promote the latest Avril Lavigne album will tell you that Karl Rove is a genius. Not merely someone who was willing to go lower and play stupider. Republicans win because being stupid is easier. That is the long and short of it. The fact that no one can come out and say this is indicative of the problem. Karl Rove didn't win because he was a genius, he won by being procisely the opposite: stupid. Can you think of an intelligent policy he planned? Even one that failed. He is a moron and the fact that he is puts him in tune with morons around the country who vote in great numbers. They swarm together like sea roaches on rocks in the water; because they don't know anywhere else to go. A genius would lead. A genius would realize that being crass to maintain power doesn't benefit hummanity in the long, or the short run. A genius would step outside of themselves and ask what was right. Karl Rove did none of those things, and never will. I think the Braves will battle to the end in the standings. Go Chipper.


Ron Mexico of Bad Newz Kennels said...

I concur that Karl Rove was not a genius, he was merely a guy who could tell which way the sheep wanted to go so he herded them in that direction, and this was successful. By be able to gauge popular opinion, he was able to appear as though he was a master salesmen. The media are easy playful and he played to them often. Go Mariners, Go Sox, keep the yankees out of the playoffs

Ron Mexico of Bad Newz Kennels said...

I just copped a plea and am looking at 12-18 months in prison, so my editing abilities are not what they should be. What I meant to say is that Karl Rove manipulated the basic fears and desires of the republican base and the general public, using many of the same principles you could pick up by spending the weekend in the sales section of the business section of the local B. Daltons. And the majority of us in Texas and in the US fell for it.

The Morholt said...

Rove was pretty bright by administration standards, probably somewhere in the ballpark with John Edwards or Mit Romney. Complete lack of moral consideration is not uncommon in politics but Rove´s hands were untied by the fact that he wasn´t required to have the appearance of morality or even plausable deniability the way that elected officials are. Having to appear ethical is what passes for ethics in politics, just like "I don´t recall" has become the polite way to say "Fuck you" to the legal process on capitol hill. When the appearance of ethics is all you need to have a career, it really helps when 99% of the populace isn´t looking and 75% of those who are looking have the morals of a lamprey. Which should be Rove´s mascot for his fantasy baseball team.
GO braves! i think they will go all the way to the superbowl this year, might even win the cup!!!!

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