Saturday, March 8, 2008

Don't Believe the Hype

Hilary Clinton certainly has the media momentum following her wins last week. As usual, however, the media pay no attention to the actual story and go with the one that is fun to talk about. The primaries are not the general election. It is not winner take all in the states. Obama still maintains a good lead in the delegate count, which is what matters. Saying "Clinton won Texas" is completely insignificant. Asking, "By how much did Clinton win Texas?" is. What is important is that this momentum, real or created, could fuel her to further wins, but the math is not in her favor.

What has also been skipped over is that racism played a part, large or otherwise is unknown, in Clinton's win in Ohio. Witness the reporter who was told, "I won't vote for the nigger." (I can't find the quote on the internets right now, but the reporter who talked about it was on The Young Turks earlier this week.) I would give Clinton the same challenge I would issue to Republicans. Come out and say to those people that you are not interested in their support. But, of course, she is. Anyone who wants to win in America is.

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