Sunday, March 30, 2008

Sometimes the Japanese are Asswipes

I hope this film will disgust the Japanese public. I hope they get to see it. Lately, most Japanese people have been very pro-whaling. I think the media has been putting on a big propaganda push. I have yet to meet any Japanese person who knows about Taiji. There is no excuse for what goes on there. Japan falls back on "but it's our culture" so much that it is beyond pathetic. Really? Driving dolphins into a cove and murdering them is your culture? You must be so proud. I think a lot of this whaling nonsense is like the U.S. insisting on drilling in the arctic. No real benefit can be seen but it is important to assert that you can do it. I have no sympathy for these Wakayama yahoos.

Also, they are serving up the dolphin as school lunches without telling anyone what the meat is or where it comes from. It is loaded with mercury.

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Matt said...

I agree.

One minor thing--we don't defend drilling in the Arctic on cultural grounds, but on pragmatic grounds, which I would find slightly more admirable except that I don't think the pragmatic grounds hold in that case.

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