Sunday, March 2, 2008

Meaning to...

I have been meaning to do posts about my last day of work but I have lost my photo card adapter and my computer won't acknowledge my scanner so the proof is lacking. Will get around to it. I was given 3 books with messages from every student in each grade in the school. They were surprisingly touching. I try to think about how to be a good teacher and some of the comments backed up what I aim for. A lot of them though said things that I had never thought about. A large part of the messages said things like, "You remembered my name. No other English teacher ever does." I think things like that are really important when you are a student, but I never think about it as something I 'do'. I think a lot about working at camp just set up how I approach kids, respecting them as humans, which governs how I deal with them. I am glad it has a positive effect on kids. It was really gratifying to read the messages. One kid even said, "I always wanted to be a teacher, now I want to be a teacher like you." That's nice.

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Mom said...

A teacher like that is also needed in the U.S.

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