Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Happy Birthday

Did anyone notice that it is this blog's birthday? I am in such an extended bad mood over moving/job complications that I haven't thought to celebrate. I would say something profound but I don't feel like it. Last year when I started the blog things sucked a lot. Right now they suck 25% of the time. Although this week they suck 87% of the time. I am trying to rent a storage space for my stuff. The soonest it can be done is the time I have to move out. They called back today to say that they needed my gaijin card and my passport after I had already given them my work number and address as well as a reference who will pay for my stuff if I run off. If I run off, then won't they already have my stuff? Do Japanese people have to do this? Here you go. Happy Birthday.

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