Friday, March 28, 2008

Pile Upon Endless Pile of Bullshit

I think that some might believe that I am a financially irresponsible person, or, at best, a person with no talent in the area of money because the last 2-3 years for me have been a series of financial mishaps and crisis. I assure that it isn't me. I assure you. Witness the current situation. I am usually paid on the 15th of the month after the one which I worked. It can be until the 18th according to my contract, but it never is. So I waited diligently until the 18th of this month, then, finding no money in my account called my supervisor. (She has only been my supervisor since January, as my actual one quit, and the new one is now gone and married, so I don't think she was really into those last two months. I never had any contact with her.) As related earlier I called and said that wouldn't work. In response they "advanced" me $500. After I had been told to move, mind you. I paid $150 for a place to live for the week. I bought camping supplies for the aborted hike. I paid for the bus up and back. I went to Osaka for business stuff 2-3 times. I bought the stones for the bathroom here. I ate. That's about it. That seems pretty normal to me. 10 days later there is still no money in my account. Since my supervisor is now gone and married, I mailed the lady in charge of the office about this problem yesterday. I had argued with her about it a week and a half ago. I had waited patiently the 10 days I had been told it would take. I inquired again today. Here is the response:

he problem is that everything takes a long time for the leo palace even they told u the cleaning fee is about 3-man,
they still take a time to calculate the rent for the dairy basis and paper works.
the bank is already close and i thought u would understand the situation since u have been noticed about it from a while ago from masako.
im doing my best here even though u just mentioned about this yesterday.
what can we do for u for this?
im not asking you to wait till next month. i told u ill talk to the accountants to organize the pay as soon as they get a bill from the leo palace early next week.
do u think i want to hold the pay for the alts??? as for me, its not fair for me to be told by u like the email you sent i think as im doing my best i can, by folowing the progress we have to follow.

Hmm. Interesting. Does this seem reasonable? Does this seem intelligible? This is the person who governs my life. That is reassuring isn't it. She adds:

u know my mobile, so pls call me on 090-9939-0308.
if u really need money today, ill talk to the director of the company and ask her what she cando for you,

That could almost be mistaken for helpful. Here are two issues. I told her that my phone was cut off two days ago, since I can't pay for it, so there is no way for me to call her. The other issue is that this all makes it appear as if I am irresponsible and having some kind of crisis. My only crisis is that I couldn't save up enough money to move and not be paid my salary at the same time. This after being told how important the new contract is for them and me going and knocking the doors of the Board of Ed. yesterday.

Here is my response:

I mentioned this two weeks ago. Not yesterday. I am not arguing with you, but I have been put in a very difficult situation by the company. I understand that you don't have control over the situation, but I have even less control.

Masako never told me about this until I called to ask why I wasn't paid. Of course I need money today. I needed money two weeks ago. I am lucky that my landlord is very patient. I can't call you because my keitai was cut-off two days ago. I can't pay any bill because I haven't been paid my salary.

By the way, early next week is next month.

I am not trying to argue with anyone. I think I am being very patient waiting more than 2 weeks for my salary, which it states in my contract will be paid between the 15th and the 18th.

You can clearly see why one of us is in charge of the Kansai branch of a major company and the other has to hope that potatoes go on sale. If this was a once a year occurrence it would be no big deal but for the last 2-3 years I have had this happen to me constantly. That makes it very hard to save when you are always having to scramble. It is a good lesson in why being poor leads to being poorer. There is no way to be economically poor. Especially when you are asked to endure everyone else's fuck-ups.

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