Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Prompted by Anthony Bourdain, I attempted to make my first ceviche last night. I went down to Nishitachi and got some octopus. I think I offended the fish lady. I made sure it was really fresh, as the recipes kept insisting it should be. It took so damned much lemon juice, 12 lemons. I spent too much money. I couldn't find any hot peppers. I used onions and Tobasco and some peppers. In the end it wasn't bad, but it was heavy on onion and light on protein. I think I might try something with shrimp and fruit next. I used the leftover lemon flavored onions on top of some pasta tonight and it was pretty okay. I consulted my personal nutritionist, Natsuki, who informed me that Japanese lemons aren't acidic enough to really make a ceviche. Oh well.

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