Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Couture vs. Gore

I keep feeling like I should comment on the co-incidence of the abrupt resignation of Randy Couture from the UFC and Al Gore being awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. I feel very little though. I was never a Couture fan. I have nothing against him. Props. But he was never one of my favorite fighters and I don't think his departure is as major a blow to the sport as newcoming sportswriters (has our little Arash Markazi weighed in yet?) seem driven to make it out to be. Cro-cop's rapid decline is more of a story.

As for Al Gore. That is great. Wonderful. But we are still doing absolutely nothing and it is pretty late in the game. It is going to be bad before it gets a chance to get better. I don't think people understand how this will effect crops and increase the rate of desertification. People don't care. So I am glad that Al Gore cares. I am glad the the right wing is in a tizzy. I hope it amounts to something.

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