Monday, October 15, 2007


I finally got a chance to see a little bit of this seasons The Ultimate Fighter. Matt Serra, who I love, is coaching against Matt Hughes, who i find retarded. Pete Sell is coaching for team Serra. Sell has been one of my favorite fighters since his UFC debut against Phil Baroni, which is one of my highest rated fights of all time. Very underrated. The last to seasons of UFC has vindicated my affection. Last season he got drunk and proceeded to act like me when I am drunk. This season a fighter was complaining about being stuck on the show and wanting to leave the house. Let me see if I can render Sell's statement on the matter, keeping in mind his ridiculous Long Island accent. "You in a million dollar house where you can eat anything you want and I think about people in other countries and people who ain't go no home and you be 'look at me in my shackles and chains.'" Money, Pete Sell. Money.

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