Thursday, October 25, 2007

Japanese Justice System

I ran across this in the Japan Times today. I remember when this happened in Miyazaki. It was terrible. This guy had a reputation as a real asshole, but that has nothing to do with the awfulness of his story. His house was set on fire and he woke up and ran out and then couldn't get back in to get his wife and daughter. His other daughter had just gone away to college. Some of my students were classmates with the daughter who was killed. In this report it says the arsonist was a thief. I had heard that he was a crazy guy who said that he thought it would be fun to set something on fire. Probably deserves more than ten years.


Edo said...

your link points to something else...something far more sinister!

wwc said...

that was odd. should work now. how would that have been on my clipboard? prank caller! prank caller!

attempting to silence the voices in my head.