Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Teaching the English

I have been teaching a buttload of classes with this cold. I have reached a strange kind of high, where I am simply wandering through the scenery three seconds behind everyone else. Yesterday at Mikuni one of my English elective classes had to put on the small plays they wrote a few weeks back. Four of the boys did a scene with three hikers and one bear. Matsuda, the judo black belt played the bear. "Hello, I am bear." Was his line. They then proceeded to do the conversation from the book asking the bear to take their picture and then inviting him to lunch. It was a pretty money junior high moment.

Today I was so sick, I barely made it through class. I slept on the train, straight through Sanjo to Demachiyanagi so I had to get another train back to the subway. In class we did a terrible lesson where we read about Hikozo meeting President Lincoln. The only good part about that class is that one of my students, Ms. Han, is Chinese so I make her teach me Chinese during class. All I can say is "How many sheets of paper?" Sorry Susan.

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susan said...

that's kind of a hard sentence as far as pronunciation, don't get dishearted.

attempting to silence the voices in my head.