Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Undo Kai

undo kai174, originally uploaded by wwc photos.

Last Saturday at Imaichi Chu the craziness that is an undo kai ensued. I was supposed to run in the relay. I stretched and got warmed up. I was stationed in front of the students. I got them all fired up for my running, even though I am slow and haven't run a relay since grade school. As Kita sensei (the rather hot home ec. lady who is 22 and recently told me she played sweeper on her junior high boys soccer team and tried to in high school until they made her quit) approached with the baton, I realized that she completely didn't notice me and ran right past me. I briefly considered running after her but thought better of it.

Earlier in the day, the teachers played a game versus the PTA in which we were supposed to roll a rugby ball down around a cone with a baseball bat. It was a team relay. Everyone would try to go slow and control the ball. But it is a rugby ball and it will bounce where it wants to. So I said, "Why don't we just nail it?" Everyone kind of thought I was joking. One of the old lady teachers had the turn before me. She ran back and collapsed on her face right in front of me., holding the bat up in the air. I asked if she was okay, took the bat, stepped to the side, pointed up in the air, and nailed the rugby ball. It traveled perfectly to the backside of the cone, bounced once and stopped. I ran down. Trapped with my foot and knocked the crap out of it. It spun perfectly back to the starting point and I ran back pointing at the student section and reveling in my heroism. Oh, undo kai.

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