Thursday, October 25, 2007

Midnight Madness

A Tuesday night sleep marathon helped me through my cold. I hoped for more of the same last night. The bosozoku, however, had other plans. For some reason they have been congregating around Nijo Eki lately. What a narcissistic pastime. Little fuckups. And the police do hardly anything about them- accept for chase them around, which is what they want. If it were America I think they might last around 20 minutes. If it were Northwest Florida, I think it would go something like this: Do you remember them boys what rode them motorcycles?
HeHeHe. Damn Right.
I think they should completely legalize them. But they should also allow everyone who wants to to carry a shotgun loaded with rock-salt, or a baseball bat.

Last night they were chasing peoples cars and screaming "Your back door is open!" And then revving their engines. It is so ridiculous.

They broke up after 12 sometime and I tired to get to sleep. Whereupon Alex and Cam decided it would be funny to give me the insistent drunk phone call. I wouldn't answer, but this lasted for about 20 minutes as my keitai played "The Boys are Back in Town" through my dark apartment. I couldn't set the alarm on my keitai because it would answer the phone. With friends like these uh?

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