Sunday, October 28, 2007

I Feel Like Doo-Doo

I have a ton of stuff to write about but I feel like the marrow is slowly being sucked from my bones. I cowboyed up and got the bunkasai together this week. I even made it to the nomikai (drinking party). I thought if I slept late on Saturday and everything would be all good. As usual the rule has been followed; whenever "all good" is uttered, things are far from good. Witness Murray's for the Miyazaki literate. I think my cold crashed dived into my tendons and is now devouring every solid structure in my body. I sucked it up and went downtown today, as the weather is beautiful but I found that my cold, and its accompanying medicine had rendered my sense of depth perception out of whack. Not conducive to a weekend in the Kyoto shotengai. I was getting freaked out just looking at people moving so I packed it in and came home. All I can do is sit here or sleep. Unfortunately I have to meet up with my friend Akko tonight as I promised to take her to birthday dinner last week, but that never materialized either. I should prove great company, not being able to taste anything and counting down the minutes until I can slip back to sleep. I don't even have the energy to return my late videos.

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