Monday, June 18, 2007

3-day migraine

It is threatening to become the rainy season, but won't just get it over with. It is fretful and cloudy and the barometric pressure is on. What this means for weak lads like me is perpetual migraine.

I ran on Saturday around noon. It was a million degrees. I got a migraine, forgot I was supposed to be at the movie theater(Movix-under the shotengai) at 7pm and ended up there at 7:30 without cleaning my house. Anyway, I saw Pirates of the Caribbean 3: Let's Make Money. There are few movies where the gulf between how much I thought I would dislike them and how much I found myself liking them has been as great as the first Pirates of the Caribbean. Jerry McGuire is the only other that comes to mind now. No more compliment needs to be paid to Johnny Depp's performance here. Although I think he was just as effective in Sleepy Hollow and maybe even in The Ninth Gate, although to much less fanfare. This chain of movies has made the inevitable slip of success; it has become conscious of what made it great and attempted to squeeze as much of that magic from the bottom of the tube. Now it just seems like they want to show us Keira Knightly and Orlando Bloom, have Johnny Depp wander about and say some stuff and have us be impressed. Well, I wasn't. But that isn't really surprising. I watched it with a self avowed Avril Lavigne fan, obviously someone inhibited by neither shame nor taste. Their first words, after, "Where's the bathroom?" were, "That was so-so." Yes. Shameful. They could have given 1/16th of the money put into that show to me and I could have given them a decent TV series. The migraine persists.

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