Sunday, June 3, 2007

Steve Gilliard

Steve Gilliard died today. He was 41. I don't remember when or how I happened upon his blog. It quickly turned into something I made sure to read everyday. You can see it down there on the left on my list of links. Although their writing wasn't superficially connected, he filled a hole that was left by Ralph Wiley's sudden death. Gilly was right on on military history and how it applied to our current situation. He used Google Earth maps to show how talk about pulling out of Iraq was just talk until little things like bridges and two-lane roads were considered. He was thorough in his coverage of anything New York, evidenced in his moment by moment break-down of the undercover police shootings of a few months ago. He cared about how food was cooked and how the political process worked. One day, a few months ago, he felt sick and went to the hospital. He never got better. In the meantime his blog was nice enough to cross-post some of my stuff. I assume he never got to read it. He was also an advocate for U.S. soccer and hated the Yankees. That is about all it takes in my book, but he was so much more. It is really sad. It is doubly sad that in the most powerful country in the history of the world, it sounds like he wasn't getting the greatest medical care possible, but that is just speculation. I have been waiting for months for his opinions and voice to come back on the scene, but he's gone. If you have never checked out his stuff, I would recommend going back and reading it.

Fuck the fucking Yankees.

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