Saturday, June 23, 2007

Penn Vs. Pulver

Is tonight on the TUF Finals. I will make my predicitions for the card. Behold: My genius.

Geraghty vs. Wiman- Wiman in the 2nd. I think his stand-up is too good. It is hard to call how much the fighters have changed since the show though.

Allen Berube vs. Leonard Garcia- Garcia by TKO in the 1st. Sorry, but Berube was garbage on the show.

Robert Emerson vs. Gray Maynard- Maynard by decision. Emerson's stand-up looks crisp, but I think Maynard will take him down and prom-dance him for 3 rounds.

Andy Wang vs. Cole Miller- Everything points to Miller winning, but I am calling it for Wang. Why? Wang fights stupid, but he is apparently a really skilled BJJ black belt. Miller seems to win by sneaky subs. I don't think he can sub Wang. Decision.

Brandon Melendez vs. Joe Lauzon- Melendez surprised me more than anybody else on the show. His loss was actually a really good fight. That being said, Lauzon is such a fucking badass. What a psychopath. The guy is just so good in every element. Lauzon by sub in the 2nd.

Roger Huerta vs. Doug Evans- Huerta in the 1st by handsomeness. Seriously, that dude is really good-looking right? Somebody? Back me up. I'm just saying.

Thales Leites vs. Floyd Sword- Leites in the 1st by having a cool name instead of a lame name. I have never seen Sword fight. His name is an awkward cross-rhyme. Leites is super skilled.

Manvel Gamburyan vs. Nathan Diaz-
Damn I would be scared to fight Gamburyan. He is a 5'5" cinder-block. But-and forget this at your own peril-never,ever bet against a Diaz. I never do. Nate by decision after a war. Both have great cardio and technique so it should be really fun to watch.

Jens Pulver vs. BJ Penn-
Pulver is a decent guy and a talented fighter who trains very hard. BJ Penn was deposited on earth by a higher power. BJ is not one of us. He exists outside of what is capable for mortals. Penn by being a deity in the second. If he omoplatas Pulver, you owe me a Red Stripe. Or better yet, some Hawaiian beer.

There they are. Take it to the sportsbook.

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