Sunday, June 24, 2007

Penn Vs. Pulver: results

Let's see how my predictions matched reality.

Wiman: TKO strikes-RD 1.
Garcia: Submission-RD 2.
Maynard: No contest for now. (Maynard won but KOd himself in the process.)
Miller: TKO RD 1. (I was completely wrong)
Lauzon: Submission-RD 2.
Huerta: TKO RD 2.
Leites: Submission RD 1.
Diaz: Submission (due to injury) RD 2.
Penn: Submission (not omoplata) RD 2.

How much more right do I have to be. I got the Wang call wrong, but I wanted to go out on a limb. Meanwhile, CNNSI will hire Arash Markazi to show up at UFC events and comment on what celebrities he wants to talk to. The man sat through a whole Karo Parisyan fight and never used the word 'Kimura.' I am a bitter, bitter man.


Anonymous said...

DUDE! i watched this at a bar last night while i was celebrating my birthday (thanks so much for saying happy birthday btw, you dick). i knew bj penn was going to win right away because 1. his name is bj
2. he had all that "knowledge unity hawaii i eat pineapples" shit on his shirt.

i totally want to bone cole miller. he wiry. -summer

Anonymous said...

Probably because no one who casually reads CNNSI would know what a 'Kimura' is. They'd no doubt think it was a Japanese dress. Dude actually knows his stuff but I guess if you want to read play-by-play that includes Kimuras, Triangle Chokes and Straight Ankle Locks check out

wwc said...

Arash..Arash, is that you? Searching yourself in Google again. Hook me up with a job. For play by play, I stick with my homeboys at subfighter.

attempting to silence the voices in my head.