Tuesday, June 19, 2007

top ten TV characters of all time

I said I couldn't stop with the lists. As I have the week off I have been thinking of TV a lot. (I've been reading too). I was meaning to make this list a while back. TV is a weird thing to judge because it is hard to remember a show that you used to really like and then reason whether you should go with how it effected you at the time and how objectively good it is. I think the list might change as I remember stuff.

Here are the surprises: There is only one girl. HBO is over-represented. Baltimore is over-represented. The last few years are over-represented. There are 12 on the list of top ten.

Here is the list:

1. Homer Simpson- The Simpsons
2. Omar-The Wire
3. Keith Charles- Six Feet Under
4. Tobias Beecher- Oz
5. Det. Frank Pembleton- Homicide: Life on the Street
6.Dan Fielding- Nightcourt
7. Dan Connor- Roseanne
8. Cliff Claven- Cheers
9. Calamity Jane- Deadwood
10. MacGyver- MacGyver
11. Gregory House- House M.D.
12.Tony Soprano- The Sopranos


1: I don't think I need to explain. Most quotable character of all time. WOuld it be too grandiose to say , 'Defines a generation"?

2: Openly gay badass. Streets clear when he goes to buy cereal.

3: Not sure why I identify with Keith so much, but he was always my favorite on the show.

4: When Toby finally went nuts and took a dump on Schillinger's face, a new exciting age began.

5: Every interrogation was a masterpiece. "It doesn't bother me because I don't let it bother me." "Yeah Frank, You, G. Gordon Liddy and Henry Rollins."

6: I think people forget how good Nightcourt really was.

7: The poorer I get, the better that show gets.

8: Come on. Cliff.

9: Just one diatribe or errant fart was enough to make me save the episode. hoping to save it for later. She looked like me on a Miyazaki Sunday morning.

10: The show doesn't hold up as well as I remember, but, a hero who carried duct tape and talked openly about hating guns...money.

11. This show seems to get worse and worse. The doctors I worked with hated it. Nevertheless, a show about a doctor who profoundly hates people cracks me up.

12: It was hard to leave him off the list. I don't know. We'll see.


Anonymous said...

this weekend i put on my roseanne dvd's while i was doing homework so i could have some background noise. dan is hillarious, in one episode he says "that's me, ice d. too cool for school." total doug line. that show always makes me miss hanging out with my mom and dad.

since you put him on your list i'm going to forget you said you like that "i can't touch women cause their period blood will kill my plants" trustafarai psuedojew. he's playing at the civic center soon and i'm going to throw tampons at him. -summer

Ed said...

"How you expect to run with the wolves come night, when you spend all day sparring wit' the puppies?"

wwc said...

I see your point summer, and I expected you to make it. But, is there any reggae that the same can't be said of? All reggae is based on Pseudo-Judaism. That and the belief that Jesus was the living ruler of Ethiopia.

wwc said...

Furthermore, lots of people say stupid shit. KRS-ONE thinks that white people are a race of lepers cast out of Africa. But you know you still like "The Bridge is Over." Chuck-D believes that Wranglers and muscle Ts look good. What are you gonna do. People believe dumb things. I would rather they make good music. This has its limits of course. That limit being: Buju Banton.

Anonymous said...

- no see, i don't like krs-one. sometimes i like to say "southside, southside bronx" when it gets too quiet in my house but i don't listen to him. it's part of why i like booty music - they put their cards (and dicks) out on the table. i don't want to listen to some dude spit positivity and then remember that he can't shake my hand. and most reggae artists aren't dressing up like hasidic jews to enchant a bunch of white kids. he's like the new eminem. i'm not buying it but you can - just don't be surprised when you catch a tampon nunchuck to the dome son.

-don't you ever talk about chuck d's wrangler's again. ever.

-i don't know what type of voodoo shit you said at the end but take it back.

Nice Rack said...

hard to leave out cantstandya, but for fun lets just say Chris Peterson the paperboy. did you know he died in 12 episodes? including being killed while stalking someone, by his own stalker. shiiiit.
that range puts him over the top...

attempting to silence the voices in my head.