Monday, June 18, 2007

Migraine Continues

I have yet to see conclusive research on links between migraines and depression so I can't say if one triggers the other or if they just closely mimic each other. They have shown that Migraines decrease cognitive function. Whatever the case my headache marathon led me to spend all of Sunday evening, into the wee-hours of Monday compulsively watching the last season of Six Feet Under. Back when I had a satellite dish, this series was weekly viewing, and I think it works better that way. Once I knew the end was coming, I couldn't quit. I think that is probably too much pain to be internalized so quickly. I heard of a study recently that shows that people who watch lots of TV have less friends than they imagine themselves to have. This was occurring to me over and over as I anguished over the poor, cursed, Fisher family. Actually, the decay of Ricco's marriage seemed to bother me the most for some reason. I had also thought that George's illness the previous season had been a bit overdone, but now, viewing his redemption(partial), it seems to make more sense. There are times when watching Six Feet Under that I stop and think, "This is the greatest moment of television I have ever seen." But, then again, I said the same thing about Mr. Hankey. I also firmly believe that Keith is one of the greatest characters in the history of television. I really think there are times that he carries the show. It is odd that, two years later, that show is finally done for me. Now I have to leave the house and realize.........I have no real'm being sarcastic. Don't check the hospitals. What a depressing show.

Oh, quick question: Which show is sadder, generally, Rescue Me or Six Feet Under?

I think I know my answer.

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